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Conquer Stage Fright

Overcome Stage Fright and Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public SpeakingWe are born with two fears – fear of public speaking is not one of them. This learned fear can thus be “unlearned” and overcome. In our preseentation skills training workshops you will learn the techniques to conquer your fear of public speaking and stage fright – those phobias that occur both before and during your presentations. You will learn relaxation exercises, techniques for positive visualization (just as professional athletics and performers use) and methods to receive encouragement from your audience. You will learn how to channel fear and other nervous habits into positive energy and come across as a much more polished, practiced and confident presenter. Much of this program has been developed by our staff behavioral therapist (a favorite in our training workshops.)

In addition to over overcoming your fear of public speaking, you will also learn the 12 steps toward preparing and delivering a successful presentation. You will learn the art of story and structure, the power of visualization, how to establish instant credibility with your audience, and how to engage your audience with a powerful opening and then reinforce your message with a memorable and effective close. You will also learn how to handle even the toughest question and answer session afterwards and how to turn negative questions into positive responses.

And you will do it with confidence, grace and credibility. We guarantee success – or your money back. (But know that in nearly three decades of providing this invaluable training we’ve never been asked.)

Start your journey toward success today. Become a more dynamic, effective and confident presenter.

After all, as FDR famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Don’t let your unfounded fear of public speaking hold you back. Contact us today. We can help.

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