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Presentation Skills Training

Improved Presentation Skills

We offer a 100% client satisfaction, money-back guarantee that after a presentation skills workshop you will have a demonstrable improvement in your presentation skills, greater understanding how to structure your presentation and ability to communicate your ideas clearly, as well as greater confidence and self-assurance for overcoming stage fright. If not, we will refund the cost of the training (less any out-of-pocket expenses incurred – travel, hotel, etc.,) However, know that in nearly three decades that we’ve been doing this, we’ve never been asked – not once, ever!

Clients and Confidentiality

Our clients come from a cross section of business and industry, the military, other government agencies, and even the arts. They range from C-suite executives to mid-level managers, from senators and generals to authors and entertainers.

Many of our clients have highly sensitive issues; some involve trade secrets or other proprietary information; some are even classified. As such, we adhere to a strict policy of client confidentiality and will not under any circumstances divulge or otherwise discuss any element of our clients’ program issues – ever. (Two of our primary trainers hold a high-level government security clearance.)

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Contact us for rates and availability for your presentation skills training and speech dynamics workshops that are guaranteed to improve your communications skills.

Find out how our 30-plus years of experience in public speaking, work as a broadcaster, our formal training in voice and speech, and our experience helping more than 4,000 individuals improve their communication skills can help you become a more confident, dynamic and effective presenter – whether it’s before your staff or the board.

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